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Thursday, October 25th, 2007
3:10 pm
Takes a fuckin' and keeps on truckin'...
... but not for long. The union meeting last night was a joke. Good news is... we have a contract. The bad news, we are raped. The county was able to get away with screwing everything up. Interest arbitration is a joke as well. As it stands now I will be making $0.10 more an hour than I should have been making two years ago... Yeah. Employee contributions for healthcare went up to 2% so detract that from the 4% raise across the board. Also we incurred multiple deductibles and our scripts went up also. Subtract another 1.5%. So everyone has a whole .5% raise and noone is at thier proper pay scale. A 2005 hire will end up making less than a 2006 hire in 2007. Double screwed are the 2002 hires. I was hired January 8, 2002. We are all behind a pay scale to begin with due to another interest arbitration that went south. So with the step increase going from 8 to 11, we should be on step 6... 2002 hires will be on step 4. With 7 steps to go (that means seven years). So if I decided to stay at the prison it will take me 13 years to hit top rate... My ass is still sore.

I had to vent, now I am going to go hide and cry...

Current Mood: discontent
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
9:54 pm
I am ready to take a plunge.
Throughout all of my confusion over the past couple of months I realized that I am still very much in love with Shay. I am so glad that I didn't do anything rash so to hurt someone elses feelings. Shay and I got back together. It was a rocky start but I am willing to give it my all again. She says she is willing to give me 100% finally as well. I am still a little tenative, due to the occurances over the past year. I have a lot to sort out in my mind. I decided that I wanted to be with her and I wasn't going to give up my chance. I sincerely hope that she feels the same way as well.

Well, If all goes well this week, I plan on proposing to her in Denver. I originally wanted to take it one step at a time but we already went through all the steps.

I probably won't be back on Live Journal after, tonight, until next week. If anyone needs to get ahold of me you can email me (meinepost228@hotmail.com or meinepost413@hotmail.com) or if you have my number, give me a buzz. Wish me luck!

Current Mood: hopeful
2:12 pm
What a day!
I worked a double last night(2pm - 6am). I left work this morning to a grinding noise coming from the right front wheel. I went home and woke Shay for work before crashing out.

I awoke to a phone call from Shay at 1145. One half of an hour early because I had to check out my car. I dragged my ass out of bed and threw on some clothes and went outside.

To simplify things I am going to do an approximate timeline;

1155- Went outside, emptied my trunk and got my tools ready.
1210- Placed the jack under the car and attempted to loosen lugnuts. (no luck)
1215- Packed up my tools and put the items from my trunk in the house.
1230- Drove to Advance Auto, bought a tire iron and brake pads.
1245- Took my tools out, put the jack under the car and broke the lugs loose.
Removed caliper and replaced pads.
1255- Ran back inside to buy caliper spreader.
1300- Replaced caliper and wheel. Went around to drivers side, loosed the
lugnuts and went to loosen the caliper bolt.
1310- Car falls off jack. Go inside and request help. With assistance I got
the car off the ground and back on the jack. Finished driver side
brakes. Replaced wheel, returned stores jack, packed up tools and went
1325- Jump in the shower and get dressed for work. Call Dawn then Shay.
1340- Pull into work. Take out earrings. Report to LT for post assignment.
1350- Relieve post.

Craziness if you ask me. I'm not so sure how I made it to work on time. Now I am beat. And I have another double to do tonight. At least I have off for the next 8 days!!! DENVER HERE I COME!!!

Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
1:13 pm
Some misc stuff.
A couple of sketches and a few other things.

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Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
7:59 pm
My brother just bailed out on me. Not that I am adverse to going alone, I wasn't planning on it. Shit. Oh well. I'm still looking.

Current Mood: frustrated
1:03 am
Machine Head and Arch Enemy
I had plans for the past week to go and see the aformentioned bands at the Trocadero in Philly. I was supposed to take Mike Drew...Collapse )

Current Mood: awake
Monday, September 24th, 2007
7:39 pm
Saturday, September 22nd, 2007
2:58 am
Saturday, 0300hrs.
Work sucks. I am bored out of my skull. I am not hungry, yet I want to eat. I am tired yet I cannot sleep. AARRGGH! LJ is dead so I have no entertainment. How many times do I have to damn work for blocking MySpace. Oh well. Guten nächt freunds.

Current Mood: bored
Monday, September 17th, 2007
5:33 pm
What Do You Have To Say? - Arts & Crafts: My Inspiration
Where do you get inspiration for your arts and crafts?

Inspiration for me isn't just the path to ideas. Inspiration is what drives my work to completion.

My inspiration comes from everywhere. Things that move me emotionally, things that attract me visually and things that catch my attention. Inspiration comes from people and things that stimulate my mind. My most recent example is the inspiration for the piece I am working on now. My (now Ex) girlfriend, when we first started talking was telling me about her life. The hardships she had to overcome and the way the odds are always stacked against her inspired me. Between my budding feelings and the strength of the woman was the inspiration for the inkwash composition I am currently working on.
Sunday, September 16th, 2007
7:10 pm
Life and rediscovery.
I am on a journey of self discovery.Continue the JourneyCollapse ) Thanks for listening.
3:36 pm
1:25 pm
Well, I hope you all realize you are going to get an earful!
Yeah. Attempting to quit smoking today. I have 2 cigs to last me a 16 hour shift. I also nixed the diet Pepsi. No Caffiene, severely limited Nicotine... Yeah, you get the drift. It's going to be a long ass day.

Current Mood: hopeful
Thursday, September 13th, 2007
3:27 pm
The meat and potatoes.... so to say...
Had to wake you up with the “hit post”, Paul. I’ve asked you MULTIPLE questions in previous posts; questions that inevitably go unanswered. Just wondering if you were still kicking (against the pricks?).

As for 9/11, it was the work of religious fundamentalists. Do I delineate between one fundamentalist religion and another? No. The teachings of Islam are tantamount to the teachings of Christ, to me. The only discernable difference is that Muslim Jihadists actually walk the walk whereas Evangelical “God Warriors” do not. Where is all the modern-day baby bashing? I was a very disobedient child yet my fundamental Baptist parents didn’t take me to the town square and have me stoned. Seems to me, Muslims practice what they preach (that’s not to say that I condone their actions… I am against ALL formalized religion). Be well, all.

–Former Follier

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Monday, September 10th, 2007
5:17 pm
What Do You Have To Say? - Music: My First Favorite Band
What was the first band you became a fan of?

 When I was 10 years of age, I was in a quandary of musical taste. My father listened to the oldies and bubblegum pop from the 50's and 60's, while most of my family listened to top 20 radio play. I started to develop an appreciation for Classical music and Jazz that I heard being played on occasion. Up until this point, no music really satisfied me. I was on the track of being the passive music listener, with the radio on for not much more than background noise.

 One day, as I walked home from the bus stop, I noticed something lying in the gutter of Pennsylvania Avenue. I stopped and realized it was a cassette tape. As I reached down and picked it up I noticed first the cover sleeve art. It was a depiction of an ancient egyptian-esque landscape with a pyramid faced with five figures. The main figure was seated like a Pharaoh, the entrance of the pyramid between its legs, had a face that looked akin to a zombie, with empty eye sockets. I was intrigued by the artwork on the cover.

 As soon as I got home I popped open the cassette deck on my dad's stereo and put the tape in. I was hooked. The first song I heard playing was 'Aces High'. I had never heard anything like it before. As I listened further into the cassette I was mesmerized by the galloping basslines and the sub-operatic vocals. The guitar leads were, to me at the time, the greatest thing I had ever heard. I listened to that tape over and over again. It never got old. Iron Maiden had become my first favorite band.

 I went out with my allowance and gift money and bought every Iron Maiden album I could get my hands on. When I got my first CD player I had to get all thier albums on disc. I bought Iron Maiden posters and T-Shirts, I even went so far as to use my schools lamination machine to laminate my favorite poster. The only thing I never got to do is see them live.

 As my taste in music changed over the years, other bands have replaced Iron Maiden as my favorite band. Iron Maiden has since been and will always be a staple of my music collection with Powerslave being one of my all time favorite albums.

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, September 7th, 2007
9:21 pm
The creationist website.
I was just perusing through www.creationsm.org and it wasn't the content that appalled me, it was the context. The majority of the website (what I read) was geared towards desproving evolution through mudslinging rather than presenting structured evidence to support thier case. This kind of reminds me of political campaigns... make yourself out to be the lesser of two evils. Even the FAQ section was a handful of uneducated, to the point of being naiive, sounding questions that were answered in the same condescending manner. Hey lets make you feel stupid for believing that so you might believe us!

Just a little peice of my mind.

Current Mood: Skeptical
Monday, September 3rd, 2007
3:40 pm
What Do You Have To Say? - Writing: Makes Me A Better Writer
What's been your biggest influence in making you a better writer?

I never thought of myself as a good writer. I have always enjowed using the pen to create images. Mental imagery has always been a weak spot for me. I do however realize that I have improved drastically in my writing skills. The thing that has helped me the most is learning how to type. Writing is slow and my mind would always race past where I was at in the writing. As my typing skills increase I find it easier to keep up with my mind which allows me to be more cohesive without having to go back and reread all I wrote and tie it together.
Saturday, September 1st, 2007
3:47 pm
The book of life.
I hold little stock in fate. I believe we pen our own stories and the descisions we make directly affect the outcome. I am closing a chapter in my life now that was the best and worst chapter in my life. On one hand I found a part of me that I thought long gone. On the other hand I freely gave away part of myself that can never be replaced. Through all my indecision and strife over the past two months I came to a few understandings. One thing I don't understand is why I feel crushed right now. The last few weeks have been riddled with strife, situations I have been in before and thought I knew how to deal with. Love isn't a fairy tale, it does exist, just not like in the books. I am not willing to sell my soul for love. I have learned to differentiate between love and infatuation. I was infatuated and in love recently. It is a crushing feeling regardless, when you know love is lost, especially when it was never truly reciprocated. How or why, I am not sure. I will miss what I had and I will always look fondly on these tarnished memories, as I feel the pain and let down all the same. To honestly think you found the thing you were looking for, just to realize that it all was just a dream. A state of delerium. Then too look back on life and realize you have had it before. Somehow it keeps slipping away. This time I sent it away. My dreams and what was my reality did not mesh. I couldn't understand why. Now I know I have what I need. Everything else is just bonus. I have my life, I have my children, I have my friends and I have my best friends. I know who loves me for who I am and I know who I love. As this chapter in my life comes to a close it is time to take a breather. Reflect on all the previous chapters in my life before I pen the first words in the next chapter.

Current Mood: blank
Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
5:40 pm
Encyclopædia Newtonica
Livejournal is definately a saving grace from the doldrums that is work. For one thing, it has relieved me from writing in a not-so-live journal, which is something that I can not seem to bring myself to do regularly. I do need to start making the majority of my posts private, because it is of a subject matter that isn't good reading for others. I didn't even realize that I was being read until akgnome left me a comment!!! So now she and mac_arthur_park know more than they should ☻. Either way, no harm no foul. But it is time to privatize the Encyclopædia Newtonica for his viewing pleasure only. Don't worry, I will give updates to my friends about my personal life!!!

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
7:37 pm
What Do You Have To Say? - Photography: The Best Advice
What's the best advice you've given or gotten for taking good photos?

The best advice I could give anyone for Photography is to not try too hard. Take a lot of shots. The more shots you have the better chance of fiding that one exceptional raw image.

Here is one of my photos (enhanced with photoshop)
A shot of the sky from the Red Robin in Easton.

Monday, August 27th, 2007
7:24 pm
Writer's Block: Time Travel
If you could travel back in time to spend a day with someone, who would it be and why?

I would travel back in time to spend one day with my mother. I have few memories of her being alive. I would spend the day getting to know the person resposible for giving me life.
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